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Karmameju : Hero pH Solution 2

I don't know when does it happen, but I start to develop redness on my face. It became so sensitive for the last few years. Every time I wake up in the morning or after having a shower the redness comes kicked in. Then my goodie box came with Karmameju : Hero/pH Solution 02, I tried it out and for a few weeks, I notice that my redness start to lessen or even disappear. Now, I don't know if the Karmameju works, or I have been eating right ( which probably not the case), but I sure love this pH Solution.

So I went and read the information regarding the product, turns out it helps your skin restoring its natural protective barrier called the acid mantle. Everything that making my skin better, I'm sold.

" As we get older, it is wise to take an immediate action to take care our skin more, I wanna look 40 when I'm 80 "

Product Overview :

HERO immediately stabilises the skin’s pH value

Use HERO as the first step in your skincare routine, and during the day after hand-washing, cleaning, etc.

HERO can be used on face, body and in the scalp

HERO can be used by everyone in the family

HERO stabilises the skin’s pH value after showers and cleansing of the skin

Several consumers have experienced benefits when using HERO multiple times throughout the day in periods with challenged skin

Ingredients :

Aqua/water/eau, glycerin (vegetable), pentylene glycol (natural source), pectin, hydroxyacetophenone, citric acid. Ingredient list may change or vary.

My Skin Type :

I have combination, oily in some part, and dry in the other. My cheek and T-area are mostly red. Breakout might happens when I forgot to wash my face or when my period comes.

Packaging :

I think the packaging is amazing. It is a pump and so easy to use. Available in 50ml and 200 ml.

Texture :

Watery, but it feels bit thicker than water it self. Not sticky at all, and takes a minute or two to absorb.

Application :

Use it every time after shower.

How to Use :

The direction on the website or in the bottle pretty much say the direction on how to use the product. I always use the product after shower or after I clean my face ( with make up remover and face soap ). Apply 3 pumps of the product on your hands, spread it with my hands in a circular motion, and just apply it to your face and massage your face while doing it.

What I think :

I think this product is amazing. I feel my skin is relaxing. The redness on my ( specially) cheek lessen, and the dryness is gone. It's not sticky at all. When I rub it on my face, it takes 2 minutes to absorb, I usually gives it a massage a little.

Price :

Different on every site. I always look out for discounts ;)

Things you need to know :

Karmameju has a skin care line that looks amazing. I really need to try them out. But considering this pH balance product works great for me, I think I should give it a try. So maybe other product line on the review.


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