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My Morning Routine

I tried to follow my skin care regime. Every morning before work, I tried to take some times to pamper myself.

I begin with my serums, I use the product from Skin Labo, I have been using them for almost a month now. Since I get some o them for free ( due to the discount promotion), I figure why not try them all. So I bought some of their skin products and try them for a month.

I have admit, I like it. I will definitely buy for some more after what I have is finished.

Then I use Tarte Maracuja Oil, if you read my blogpost, I made a review for this. It also one of my faves.

Fo foundation I use Loreal Foundation Nude Glam, I believe they stop with this product line, change it to the Loreal BB cream 5in1.

For eyeshadow I use Dior Backstage, and eyebrow from Clinique.

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