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SKIN LABO : Pure Shot Vitamin C

Skin Labo advertising appears on my instagram feed constantly, and when it offers free product, I click and order something which additional discount. Ive been using it for almost 4 weeks now, every evening and in the morning, alongs with other skin care regiment from Skin Labo. I quit my other skincare, to see what improvements or difference Skin Labo has over my skin.

Product Feature (from

Pure intensive treatment with anti-oxidising, brightening, moisturising, restructuring and anti-pollution effects for the face. Formulated using a high percentage of stabilised Vitamin C, it provides the skin with a greater degree of brightness, a more homogeneous complexion and reduces the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

  • INCREASE COMPACT, SOFTNESS AND ELASTICITY of the skin (increasing collagen synthesis). Day after day, the Concentrated Vitamin C Shot elasticizes dry and dull looking skin, counteracts the effects of ageing and skin relaxation: it helps maintain the optimal density of collagen in the dermis, improving the quality, elasticity and tone of the skin

  • RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Et-VC® contained in our serum is rich in antioxidants that protect your face from harmful free radicals and gives your complexion a brighter and more youthful appearance.

  • UNIFORMS THE SKIN: it restores its vitality and natural light to the skin

  • BEST INGREDIENTS - MADE IN ITALY: Our product contains Et-VC®. Our serum is 100% MADE IN ITALY and is naturally free of parabens, allergens and gluten to ensure the maximum quality and safety of your skin. Like all SkinLabo products, it is in no way tested on animals

Packaging :

15 ml glass bottle with a pipet that slightly bended - perfect to get your last drop of serum

My Skin Type :

My skin type is combination of old and dry

Texture :

Bit sticky and watery - not to condense as any other serum



General Review :

The ad says that I should try this for a month and see how it change you. I got this serum ( amongst other Skin labs serums) early november, so it's going to be almost 4 weeks now, I feel and I see that my face looks brighter, and the discolouration ( those dark dots around your face when you are getting older) appears to be lessen. Pity that I don't have an before photo. I have to keep these things in mind for future review.

Apllications and Direction :

I apply this serum the first thing before I apply any other serum. i thought it's best if it touch the skin directly. Applied when your skin is clean, morning and /or evening before you go to bed.



Personal Notes:

The retailer price on its website is €25/15 ml, as I stated before I got this for free :), to compare with Indeed Lab Vitamin C, for €30.86/30ml, Skin is slightly more expensive. But, just wait for the discount or any offers. But since I grew to like it, I might buy some more.

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