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Tarte Marajuca Oil

Winter comes hard for my skin. It makes it so dry and breaks.

Since I am into the healthy glowy look for my skin, putting serums and cream is not enough. Specially when I am wearing a foundation.

There were several oil brand that I really like and positive about. One of them is Tarte Marajuca Oil. Its texture is bit heavy, but it sips right into my skin, yes, it is a bit sticky when you first apply them, but once you set your light foundation, all is glory. I totally recommend this oil, and watch out for great promotion and discount.

Product Feature (from


This vegan, 100% cold pressed Maracuja oil transforms dry, dull skin.


  • promotes firmer, brighter, smoother looking skin

  • protects & softens while hydrating dry skin

  • helps improve the appearance of dark spots & redness for a healthy, youthful radiant complexion

  • self-care multitasker for face, body, hair & nails!

  • sustainably harvested by hand from the Amazon

  • for all skin types, even oily & blemish-prone

  • non-greasy, weightless formula won't clog pores

  • infused with grapefruit to balance & deliver a refreshing scent

Packaging :

Beautiful well design glass bottle with a pump. Easy to use

My Skin Type :

My skin type is combination of old and dry

Texture :

Dense - meaning that this oil is not light weight.


Passiflora edulis seed oil, tocopherol.

General Review :

This is one of few oil treatment that I really appreciate.

It really makes my foundation slide easily, and give you this radiant dewy look that I am craving for. Plus, it makes my skin look healthier, or even it makes it healthier.

Apllications and Direction :


  • apply 2-3 drops onto clean, dry skin on face & neck

  • mix 1-2 drops with your moisturiser or liquid foundation for enhanced hydration benefits

I usually use just 1 - 2 drop on my palm, gently mix them carefully, then I will apply them all over my face and neck. Then I apply my day cream and foundation

Note : I usually use this after I apply my serums.



Personal Notes:

On the website it informed you the benefits of using Marajuca Oil, not just for your face, but also for other things such as your hair/scalp, cuticle and hands/feet. I will definitely going to try for my split ends.

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