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GET ME MOISTURISE : Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with vitamin E

A week ago I went to a mall with my mum, to a pharmaceutical store, where she bought her monthly vitamin. And she accidently ask me, if this lotion good. So I took a look at it, it was Rosken Skin Repair for Dry Skin, probably because the Dry Skin was underlined, she was interested on buying it. I know that my mum is a big fan of NIVEA, until now, so I was wondering why she changed, and she said, she’s going to buy it for me, and if its work, she’s going to buy it for herself. I said .. hey… okay… So after a week, I think I could give you an objective review. So here it goes.

Product Feature ( from

· Replaces Skin Repair with vitamin E, new & improved formula

· Relieves and soothes dry, damaged and itchy skin

· Specially formulated to repair dry skin and soothe itchy and scaly skin with calming and restorative emollients including vitamin E and Urea.

· Helps break the dry, itchy skin cycle

· Available in 200mL & 375mLbottle, 75mL tube, 250mL tub

Packaging :

I choose the 374 ml bottle with pump cap cost me around rp.95.000 ( which was the most expensive lotion I’ve ever bought).

And if you have times to take a look at the Rosken website, you will see that it came with a lot of different packaging ( such is tube ).

My Skin Type :

Dry .. unlike my face, my body really is dry, and it doesn’t help that Jakarta is so hot nowdays, ( I try to soothe it with cool n fresh vaseline, which is kinda help), but since I bought this one, I was giving it a try…..

Texture :

A little bit thick, and when you apply it on your skin, it’s a little bit sticky, but in 2 or 3 minutes, the stickiness is reduced, and leaving you with a smooth satin skin, and plus it smells good, not in the flowery scented kind of type, but more to baby powder perhaps? Reminds me of old skool lotion, when they made it back then.


Water ( aqua), mineral oil, isopropyl mysristate, stearic acid, decyl oleate, glyceryl stearate se. cetearyl alcohol, tocopheryl acetate, triethanolamine, methyl pparaben, imidazolidinyl urea, bhat, fragnance, propyl paraben, disodium edta.

General Review :

Like I said before, at first I don’t like the texture it my skin, for I think its too thick and sticky, but after I wait for a few minutes, the magic arrive.. my skin is smother, and after a couple hours, my skin still feels moisturize, I mean I can feel the lotion’s there, not gone, and leaves it satin and moisturize. Specially my elbow area, no cracks, or dry skin. I just loved it. Totally recommend you guys.

Apllications and Direction :

Apply after taking your bath for the best result, message into skin or apply it whenever you feel your skin is drying.



Personal Notes:

I guess this lotion doesn’t have an SPF to protect you from the sun, ( probably because it’s not a sunblock), so I don’t recommend it to use it outside while the sun is blazing hot.


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