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SKIN LABO : Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Shot

Hyluronic acid is the key component to bring moisture to your skin. It benefits your skin by blurring lines (aka wrinkles) on your face. So, yes... I'm sold.

Below is the review and some incept that I took from its website.

Product Feature (from

Intensive treatment for pure restructuring of facial skin with moisturizing and plumping properties. Thanks to its ability to store water in the dermis and guarantee excellent skin tissue hydration, the hyaluronic acid hydrates and smooths the epidermis surfaces to prevent wrinkles in the derma-epidermal junction and stimulate skin cellular metabolism. Skin becomes firmer and tighter, reducing fine lines and leaving skin more youthful and smooth.

  • SUPER RESTRUCTURING: composed only of concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, it has a plumping and smoothing effect on the whole face. It reduces the signs of ageing and tired skin such as fine lines and wrinkles, which increase with age or due to poor skin hydration and nourishment. Stimulates collagen production to visibly reduce the depth of the wrinkle.

  • MAXIMUM HYDRATION: The concentrated Hyaluronic Acid has a super moisturizing action. Thanks to its ability to retain water at the dermal level, it ensures optimal hydration of the skin tissues. The skin acquires new firmness and small wrinkles are minimized.

  • BRIGHTER AND MORE UNIFORM SKIN: to be used with constancy for an extra revitalization of the skin and to erase signs of aging, providing also greater glow and a more even complexion and reducing dyschromia. A ritual to be repeated every morning and evening for a special pampering.

  • DEEP NOURISHMENT and WORKSInstantly: Thanks to its special light texture, this facial serum penetrates quickly into the skin and is absorbed instantly, so that it is more effective and leaves an immediate sensation of freshness and vitality, without greasing or irritating in any way.

Packaging :

15 ml glass bottle with a pipet that slightly bended - perfect to get your last drop of serum

My Skin Type :

My skin type is combination of old and dry

Texture :

Bit sticky and watery - not to condense as any other serum



General Review :

The ad says that I should try this for a month and see how it change you. I got this serum ( amongst other Skin labs serums) early november, so it's going to be almost 4 weeks now.

I have been getting my hyaluronic components from my Clinique Moisturise Surge and Indeed Labs brands, I feel that Skin Labo Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a very nice change from my usual skin care brand.

Apllications and Direction :

I apply this serum the first thing before I apply any other serum. i thought it's best if it touch the skin directly. Applied when your skin is clean, morning and /or evening before you go to bed.



Personal Notes:

The retailer price on its website is €25/15 ml.

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